You are currently viewing Medal List of Olympic 2021, Olympic Medal Winners Life and Struggles, Important Facts, FAQs
Medal List of Olympic 2021

Medal List of Olympic 2021, Olympic Medal Winners Life and Struggles, Important Facts, FAQs

Might it be said that you are searching for the total rundown of Indian Olympic champs? Since different cutthroat assessments like NDA, CDS and SSC are quick moving toward competitors ought to be ready with data on decoration victors. Comparative inquiries have proactively been posed in the top assessment like UPPSC 2021. Here we discuss the Medal List of Olympic 2021 winners and their struggles. The subtleties connected with the India and Olympics and ints execution are as per the following:

  • India has won 35 decorations at the Olympics since the 1900 release.
  • India showed up in the Summer Olympics in the extended period of 1920.
  • The new Olympics i.e the 2020 Summer Olympics are the best Games for India since its most memorable standard Olympics appearance in 1920, with Indian Olympians winning 7 decorations.
  • The Indian Olympic Medal Tally was a mishmash of Gold, Silver, and Bronze decorations. With Neeraj Chopra winning the primary track Gold for India.
  • However the Tokyo Olympics were held in the extended period of 2021, they are formally alluded to as the Olympics 2020.

क्या यह कहा जा सकता है कि आप भारतीय ओलंपिक चैंपियनों की कुल सूची खोज रहे हैं? चूंकि एनडीए, सीडीएस और एसएससी जैसे अन्य कटहल के आकलन प्रतियोगियों की ओर तेजी से बढ़ रहे हैं, इसलिए सजावट विजेताओं की जानकारी के साथ तैयार रहना चाहिए। यूपीपीएससी 2021 जैसे शीर्ष मूल्यांकन में तुलनात्मक पूछताछ सक्रिय रूप से की गई है। यहां हम ओलंपिक 2021 विजेताओं की पदक सूची और उनके संघर्षों पर चर्चा करते हैं।

Rundown Of Indian Olympics Medal Winners 2021:

The rundown of all the award champs for India is given underneath:

Player NameMedalSport
Neeraj ChopraGoldJavelin (Athletics)
Ravi Kumar DahiyaSilverWrestling
Mirabai ChanuSilverWeight Lifting
PV SindhuBronzeBadminton
Lovlina BorgohainBronzeBoxing
Indian Hockey TeamBronzeHockey
Bajrang PuniaBronzeWrestling

Olympic Medal Winners Detail:

Neeraj Chopra – Gold, Javelin (Athletics):

This is what’s under the surface of dreams. Having been taken to a donning field to shed additional load by his uncle, Neeraj Chopra took up the spear in the wake of being asked by another competitor, rather than sitting inactive after his rec centre meeting at the Panchkula arena in Panipat. What’s more, recently he turned into the main Indian competitor to win an Olympic gold decoration in Olympic style events and just the second after Abhinav Bindra to win an individual Olympic Gold.

Naveen Chopra flung an amazing toss of 86.58 and nobody could beat that. He won a gold award for India in Tokyo Olympics 2021 and Indians sat tight for quite a while for this second.

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Ravi Kumar Dahiya – Silver Medal (Wrestling):

Ravi Kumar Dahiya came to the last yet couldn’t bring the gold. In any case, he figured out how to get India a Silver decoration in the Tokyo Olympics. His elimination round match was worth appreciation. How he stuck his rival in any event, when the adversary was gnawing his hand will be spoken in stories for a really long time.

Mirabai Chanu – Silver Medal (Weight Lifting):

Mirabai Chanu demonstrated the way that you can be what you need to be. Regardless of the present circumstance, she really buckled down for her profession. She used to go to her arena by taking lifts from the trucks and how she won a decoration for India will be recalled for eternity. We are glad for you young lady.

PV Sindhu – Bronze Medal (Badminton):

PV Sindhu turned into the main Indian female competitor to win 2 silver awards in the Olympic games. Therefore she did it with unadulterated devotion and difficult work. She has significantly more to vanquish and we maintain that she should contact new levels.

Tokyo: India’s Pusarla V. Sindhu poses for photographs while standing on the podium after receiving the bronze medal in the women’s singles badminton event at the Summer Olympics 2020, in Tokyo, Sunday, August 1, 2021. (PTI Photo/Gurinder Osan)(PTI08_01_2021_000285B)

Lovlina Borgohain – Bronze Medal (Boxing):

Lovlina Borogohain was brought into the world in Assam’s Golaghat locale. Her folks upheld her through this excursion and she got a Bronze award for India in Tokyo Olympics.

Indian Hockey Team – Bronze Medal:

Indian Hockey group made history by winning an award in Olympics following 40 years of pause. Additionally, it was whenever India first qualified for Hockey Semifinal. Indian Hockey Women group is additionally worth appreciation for their endeavours and they likewise qualified for Semifinals out of the blue.

Bajrang Punia – Bronze Medal (Wrestling):

Bajrang Punia is probably the best grappler in India and the world. He has won numerous Gold decorations for India on different occasions. This time he brought back the Bronze Medal for India in Tokyo Olympics.

Olympics Important Facts:

  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, had begun on July 23rd and endured till August eighth, 2021. The games were deferred because of the Covid Pandemic.
  • Therefore Indian contingent took part in a record 69 occasions and procured decorations across 18 athletic disciplines
  • In the men’s spear toss, Neeraj Chopra won India’s very first gold award in games.
  • The country’s second-ever individual gold and first individual gold since the Beijing 2008 Olympics, won by Abhinav Bindra (Shooting).
  • Saikhom Mirabai Chanu won India’s first-at any point silver in quite a while’s weightlifting (49 kg), turning into the main Indian Olympic medallist in the game starting around 2000.
  • Therefore men’s public field hockey group won the bronze award, their most memorable Olympic decoration starting around 1980.

FAQs on Medal List of Olympic 2021:

What number of decorations India has won up until this point?

India has won 7 awards in Tokyo Olympics up to this point. It is the most elevated award count by India in any Olympics.

What number of gold awards did India win in Tokyo Olympics 2021?

Indian Jevelin hurler Neeraj Chopra has won India’s solitary Gold Medal on seventh August 2021.

What number of Silver awards did India win in Tokyo Olympics?

India won 2 silver awards this year. One by Mirabai Chanu and one more by Ravi Kumar Dahiya.

What number of Bronze awards did India win in Olympics this year?

India won 4 bronze awards. Indian Hockey group, Bajrang Punia, Lovlina Borogohain, and PV Sindhu won bronze awards.

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