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List of Indoor Games, list of indoor games for kids, list of indoor games in india, list of indoor games in olympics,

List of Indoor Games, Energy-Busting Indoor Games, Indoor Games for Friends & Family, also for Rainy Day

List of Indoor Games: Indoor sports and games are various types of structured sports or competitive physical exercise, usually either at home, in a well-sheltered building, or in a specially constructed sporting venue such as a gym, a natatorium, an arena, or a roofed performed in the stadium. , Playing indoor games regularly helps children to improve their physical fitness. This is because these activities involve a myriad of body movements. Researchers also believe that children who engage in indoor physical activities develop faster-twitch muscles, which ultimately improves their reflexes.

In Hindi:

इनडोर खेल और खेल विभिन्न प्रकार के संरचित खेल या प्रतिस्पर्धी शारीरिक व्यायाम हैं, आमतौर पर या तो घर पर, एक अच्छी तरह से आश्रय वाली इमारत में, या एक विशेष रूप से निर्मित खेल स्थल जैसे जिम, एक नैटटोरियम, एक अखाड़ा, या छत में प्रदर्शन किया जाता है। स्टेडियम। नियमित रूप से इनडोर गेम खेलने से बच्चों को उनकी शारीरिक फिटनेस में सुधार करने में मदद मिलती है। ऐसा इसलिए है क्योंकि इन गतिविधियों में शरीर की असंख्य गतिविधियां शामिल होती हैं। शोधकर्ताओं का यह भी मानना ​​है कि जो बच्चे इनडोर शारीरिक गतिविधियों में संलग्न होते हैं, वे तेजी से चिकने मांसपेशियों का विकास करते हैं, जो अंततः उनकी सजगता में सुधार करता है।

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5 Interesting Indoor games to play with your kids

Children are notorious for doing everything possible to avoid being indoors. But it is not always possible to go outside to play, especially when it is raining, or it is dark outside. In such situations, it’s time to bring out those indoor games.

Forget Ludo or Snakes and Ladders; Here are ten exciting indoor games that will keep your (and your neighbours’) kids engaged:

I spy:

This is an excellent game for young children as it helps them learn the letters of the alphabet, form words and understand the things around them. Choose objects that are in clear sight of the child. This game is both fun and educative.

Hide and Seek:

Hide-and-seek can be a lot of fun for those with bigger homes. Kids love peek-a-boo and this game can prove to be very exciting for them. And the next time you want to feed your baby vegetables, you’ll know where they are hiding.

Simon Says:

Simon Says is a great game that tests alertness and quick reactions. Whoever decides to be Simon must pass on commands beginning with ‘Simon says…’ to others. Anyone who fails to follow instructions or is misled into following commands that do not begin with ‘Simon Says.

Indoor Games for Children
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Musical Chairs:

The quintessential party game also doubles as a lively indoor game and is best enjoyed when in the company of other people.

Scavenger Hunt:

While scavenger hunts are typically done with hidden clues scattered over a large area that is also full of good hiding places, they are equally delightful indoors. Create simple and fun clues with creative ‘treasures’ at the end.

Popular Indoor Games for Friends & Family

In today’s world, everyone is interested to know and knowing about physical fitness. However, when it comes to mental fitness, very few people are willing to come forward and talk. And one of the best ways to have good mental health is to spend quality time with family and friends. The COVID pandemic has taught us that at times we may have to identify ways to spend time at home away from outdoor recreational facilities. We must know how to connect with family and friends at home. There are many ways to do this.

Here is a list of indoor games for family & friends

  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Brainvita
  • Card Games
  • Ludo
  • Snake and Ladders
  • Hide and Seek
  • Business
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis


Balloon Game

Put the Balloon Up

It might be the most absurdly simple of all indoor games with friends – blow up some balloons, ask the kids to keep the balloons from touching the floor, and let the party begin! Admittedly, this might be one of those games that can get a little fussy indoors, so get the breakables out of the way. Buy it: 25 balloons in assorted colours.

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Balloon Tennis or Balloon Volleyball

String a divider into a net and see how many times they can spin the balloon over the net without touching the ground. Fly swatters, plastic spatulas or wooden spoons may work well for the game of tennis, but they are not necessary. (And this works best with only two children playing for safety reasons.)

List of Indoor Games
List of Some indoor Games

Tape Play

Balance Beam

  • It’s an easier-to-install indoor game than you might think. Using painter’s tape (being gentle on the floor), tape off any length of line and test. Challenge your child to follow the line till the end. Buy it: Healthstar Foam Balance Beam 6″ Blue.
  • Angle: Try tapping the front lines down at different angles. Spirals and zig-zags are always fun. It is one of those physical games for kindergarten preparation that is easy to practice.
  • Backwards: Switch up the challenge by having the child walk the tape line backwards or close their eyes (close the socks so they can feel the line).
  • Other Variations: Walk the tape line from heel to toe or try jumping down the line (with both feet still on!).
  • Girl walking on tape line. Indoor Games for Kids – Balance Beam is a fun game for preschoolers

Tape Maze

  • If you can create enough space on the floor, building a tape maze can be a very fun indoor activity. Design a simple maze for toddlers or add dead ends to challenge older kids.
  • Add Balls: Can kids dribble a small ball through the maze without crossing any tape lines? Get a timer and mark how long it takes the kids to move the ball through the maze – then challenge them to improve their timing.
  • Number Maze: This is a great variation for kids who are learning number recognition and counting skills. Points along the maze route can be followed in the correct order from start to finish.
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Design Driving Course

Again, you’ll need painter’s tape for this indoor activity. Design a road map on the floor for your child’s collection of matchbox cars and other mini vehicles that we all collect somehow. Get creative and add other pieces to create a street scene or use the furniture in the room as barriers. Kids will enjoy driving around the city all day long.

Variations: The tape course is limited only by your imagination. Trains can follow railroad tracks or a unicorn can dance on a rainbow. Buy It: If you can imagine it, you can probably buy a decorative tape that’s already printed.

Sock Fun Games

Sock Basketball

Basketball game for indoor fun? you betcha! Make a few “snowballs” out of pairs of socks, get a laundry basket (or small receptacles for more of a challenge), and you’re all set. Kids can alternate throws to score goals, and they can also risk longer throws for more points!

More sock basketball variations: Each child throws the ball, and if they score they take a step back. The farthest scorer wins.

List of Indoor Games

Sock Hockey

Possibly the safest way to play hockey – no helmet or sticks even needed! We like to use the sideways-tipped plastic laundry basket for Target. Choose a child (or adult) for the goalkeeper and try tossing the socks into the goal.

Sock Bean Bag Toss: A great use for that big cardboard box you were about to recycle. Cut holes of different widths and shapes and assign point values ​​to each. Flip the box upside down and you have an instant carnival-style bean bag toss. You can use soft socks to toss or toss small balls like ping-pong. Small rewards are completely optional.

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Hot Potato

This indoor game can be a bit fiddly, so be careful! It’s great though because it’s one of those games to play with kindergarten kids through old grades. Grab any softballs or rolled-up socks and have the baby bounce from the bottom. Instruct them to toss it to someone else as soon as possible. Each child repeats this. When does this game end? Who knows? Just get rid of it!

Hot Potato Variations: If you have enough kids for this indoor activity, play short sections of the music while bouncing the object, turn off the music, and the last child to touch it when the music stops is out of play. Repeat until there is only 1 child.

Indoor Games

FAQs on List of Indoor Games

Which is the most played indoor game?

Chess: Chess is the most popular indoor game played by two people. It improves thinking ability and keeps the brain active

Which is our national indoor sport?

Pachisi has been described as the “National Game of India”. And it is played on a symmetrical cross-shaped board.

What are local and native sports?

There are some simple games, which are usually designed and prayed by people in a given field according to their ML. And the rules may vary from place to place. They are sometimes called traditional games. Example: hide-and-seek, kabaddi.

What are the benefits of indoor games?

Since indoor games help to improve our cognitive skills and reduce stress, they indirectly help us to be better at our work. Many indoor games help to improve your awareness and consciousness and keep your mind active.

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