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List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films, The 20 Best Fantasy Movies Of All Time

List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films:- A film is a powerful tool for escaping mundane reality, and no genre can transport you to a different place better than fiction. Want to walk with the elves and orcs? Learn some chants? Killed Dragons? Or just get stuck in a time loop, replaying the same days over and over again until you discover the true meaning of love? A great fantasy movie won’t just show you a different universe – it’ll take you there and plunge you into the thick of the action.

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Once considered the realm of those freaks and geeks who played Dungeons & Dragons in their parent’s basements and dueled with cardboard swords in the park, fantasy movies are now big business, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Thanks to Game of Thrones and, of course, the ubiquitous Marvel Cinematic Universe. But for the purposes of this list, we’re not going to limit the definition of ‘fantasy’ to epics of swords and dwarfs and superhero movies. You’ll find plenty of them, that’s for sure. But you’ll also find movies with a more surreal twist, and some that depict our own planet as a place where magic, mystery, and adventure hide in plain sight.

Best Fantasy Movies 20-1: List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

20. Thor (2011)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe boldly blends sci-fi, comic-book action, and fantasy — nowhere more so than in the “Thor” movies, with their Tolkien-inspired take on Norse mythology and outrageous “Flash Gordon”-style fetish costumes. “Thor” is essentially a reboot of “Masters of the Universe” — the embattled heroes travel to Earth to fight skeletal psychopaths — but with better special effects and more nod-wink humor.

The moment of magic: Asgard’s dazzling CG cityscape could have come straight from a mid-70s Rick Wakeman LP cover.

19. Time Bandits (1981)

Terry Gilliam gives their imaginations full reign in this wild, woolly, and weird time-hopping comedy for smarty kids. Packed with historical heroes, cheesy hustlers, post-Python humor, madcap cameos, and bizarre fantasy – not to mention the bleakest, weirdest ending imaginable – the film was an unlikely transatlantic smash hit.

Magic moment: David Warner’s horror turns into the scariest fairground ride in the evil universe.

18. Lost Horizon (1937)

Shangri-La is the ultimate mundane fantasy – an ancient magical kingdom buried deep in the Himalayas, ruled by peaceful Tibetan philosophers who have discovered the secret of eternal youth. Frank Capra’s adaptation of James Hilton’s hugely successful, List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films Hitler-inspired novel is a brilliant, naive fantasy adventure that was the most expensive film ever made at the time.

Magical moment: Ronald Colman’s climactic realization that it was all real – and he has to go back there! – is pure, dizzying wish fulfillment.

17. The Thief of Baghdad (1940)

Begun in Britain but completed in California after the outbreak of war, this spectacular adventure based on the tales of ‘1001 Nights’ may have had a piecemeal production – and no less than six directors including the mighty Michael Powell – but you guess Will not be able to judge this from the result. Filled with magical horses, terrifying transformations, and giant jinn, ‘The Thief of Baghdad’ made Indian-born actor Sabu aka The Elephant Boy an international star at a young age.

The Magic Moment: We all dream of having three wishes – but how many of us will ask for the sausage?

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List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films
List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

16. Black Panther (2018)

One of the highest-grossing films of all time, ‘Black Panther’ is not just an important film, it is also a great film. With an almost entirely black cast, a black director, and black writers, the film is a thrilling exploration of Afro-futurism, cultural oppression, and revolution. Its story is also brilliant, proving it’s one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best standalone outings, and the acting feels electric, with performances from Boseman, Jordan, and Wright really standing out. It’s that rare breed of superhero movie that deserves repeated viewings.

Magic Moment: Without a doubt, our first glimpse of Wakanda.

15. Goons (1985): List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

Seen in a story by Steven Spielberg, the Hooligans are seven restless children in a coastal town abandoned by parents fighting a local real estate takeover bid that alludes to the galleon of the legendary pirate One-Eyed Willy. While doing this, they find an old treasure map. Unfortunately, a family of incompetent thieves is also behind the loot and isn’t above putting a tiny weevil’s hand into a liquidizer to extract information. And while the pre-pubescents whine incessantly, their loving parents prove equally hateful in a finale of surprising sentiment.

Magic moment: One-Eyed Willy’s galley, Inferno, appears in the grotto… and it’s full of treasure.

14. Pan’s Maze (2006)

Writer-director Guillermo del Toro is one of the most original and uncompromising cinema fantasists of the modern age, and “Pan’s Labyrinth” is his most striking statement. This gruesome, unsettling coming-of-age tale draws on ancient influences – the central thread of a young woman drawn into terrifying, supernatural danger reaches into ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and beyond – and adds an uninhibited portrayal of brutality There is war.

Moment of Magic: Does any image better encapsulate the darker side of fantasy than the eerie Pale Man with the eyes in the palms of his hands?

13. The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

It’s not the first name you’d associate with fantasy, but Woody Allen pulled off another one of his out-there conceits with this homage to the transportive power of movies. It tells of a housewife (Mia Farrow) who, during a depression, is swept off her feet by her favorite movie character (Jeff Daniels), who comes down from the screen and turns it into a heady romance. It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a fantasy film.

Magic moment: The film features ‘left-behind’ characters who bicker after their protagonists leave for the ‘real world’.

12. The Life Aquatic (2004)

All of Wes Anderson’s ornate, painstakingly precious movies take place in a world where anything seems possible. But he pushed that fantasy element to its extreme in “The Life Aquatic,” in which Bill Murray plays a globetrotting marine biologist exploring a bizarre, dayglow undersea world.

Magic moment: Whenever the plaintive, Bowie-obsessed shipwreck of Seu Jorge strikes, the film enters the new mystical territory.

11. Orlando (1992)

Featuring a career-defining performance from Tilda Swinton, this Virginia Woolf adaptation of Sally Potter is a magical affair. Swinton plays Orlando, as a man and a woman, he jumps half a century from the Elizabethan court to the twentieth century, through the Civil War, early colonialism, and more. It’s a sly, intelligent commentary on things like English history, sexuality, and class, all wrapped up in a beautiful, transporting fantasy.

Magic moment: When Orlando turns again… and again… and again.

List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films
List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

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10. The Neverending Story (1984): List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

Wolfgang Petersen’s dreamy tale ends up as a children’s classic, despite being famously sued by Lionel Hutz for false advertising. After visiting a bookstore after school dropout, troubled young Bastian begins to read the story of Atrezu, a child warrior tasked with protecting his homeland of Fantasia from a deadly force – and eventually, he becomes the hero of the story. becomes so consumed with it that it literally draws him in. Mashing various bits of traditional folklore with a sense of Spielbergian fantasy – and Jim Henson-Esque puppetry – the film has aged incredibly well. Younger viewers will also recognize the Kickass theme song from Stranger Things.

Magic Moment: Fly, Falkor, Fly!

9. The Avengers (2012)

It seems almost bizarre now, with the concept of the ‘multiverse’ that has become part of the general cultural lexicon, but in 2012 it was a pretty weird deal to see Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, etc all sharing the same screen. Cult Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon was tasked with meeting the grandiose expectations of the Marvel faithful, and he somehow delivers, somehow creating a massive spectacle involving an all-encompassing cast of characters. -Star cast joins in, where no one gets lost in the storm and drang. all this. Endgame may have cranked everything up to 11, including box-office receipts, but it’s bogged down with lore and bad vibes. The original is simply exhilarating: big and loud, fun and funny, frivolous but not dumb. It is really great entertainment.

Magic moment: The Michael Bay-style wraparound shot shows the Avengers assembled together for the first time.

8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

It was writer Gary K. Wolf who had the masterstroke realization that Hollywood’s brooding, self-reflexive 1940s film noir period coincided with the golden age of studio cartoons, and decided to smash them both together. Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of his novel takes this idea and runs with it, creating a through-the-looking-glass LA where technicolor mayhem and monochrome angst go hand in hand, and you just want Bugs Bunny to star- are likely to spot as Humphrey Bogart.

The Magic Moment: The moment where the ‘supporting’ cartoon collapses with the sound of a director shouting ‘Cut’!

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7. Princess Mononoke (1997)

‘My Neighbor Totoro’ is a darling of children around the world, but more than a decade later it was ‘Princess Mononoke’ that really brought Hayao Miyazaki’s films to the Western world. An environmentalist epic about giant forest gods, the blind greed of human industry, and a warrior princess raised by wolves, this grand fantasy tale is the largest-scale animation Disney has ever attempted.

Magic Moment: The title character is introduced sucking poison from a wound, with blood in his mouth. This is not your traditional princess.

6. Portrait of Jenny (1948)

William Dieterle’s ethereal monochrome melodrama has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance since Martin Scorsese echoed the film’s bright green lightning flashes in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Following the not-so-creepy inter-dimensional love affair between a poor painter and a girl named Jenny, who is seemingly from the past and is rapidly aging, the film is a lot to swallow, but it’s worth the storm it’s building. What it does is a perfect storm, impossible romance indeed.

This magical moment: Scorsese got it right: That first flash of color still sends chills down your spine.

List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films
List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

5. Jason and the Argonauts (1963): List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

CGI never produced anything so unique as the model figures of special effects master Ray Harryhausen. He considered this story of Greek mythology to be his best film. Certainly, it contains some of his best creations: the colossal bronze giant Talos rising out of the sea, the winged harp, and the seven-headed Hydra.

Magic moment: The still iconic battle between musclemen and sword-wielding skeleton army.

4. Highlander (1986)

Swiss-cheese plotting on the soundtrack, dodgy accents, even dodgier kilts, and queens: what’s not to like about ‘Highlander’? Why director Russell Mulcahy cast a Frenchman (Christopher Lambert) as a Scottish clansman and a Scotsman (Sean Connery) as a Spanish nobleman is anyone’s guess, but when this craziness of plot, the direction MTV is tight-lipped and the villain is this rabid scumbag, we’re not really going to argue.

Magical moment: Lambert and Connery practice their swordplay on a mountaintop while Freddie Mercury declares ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ – pure, cheeseball glory.

3. Conan the Barbarian (1982)

The pinnacle of Wagnerian fantasy on screen, this adaptation of Robert E Howard’s crypto-fascist pulp tales is much more than just a goofy sword ‘n’ sandal throwback. The Spanish desert backdrop is stunning, the production design is superb and Arnold Schwarzenegger punches a camel.

The Magic Moment: The transformation of the cannibal cultist Thulsa Doom into a giant serpent is a classic of pre-digital effects technology.

2. The Princess Bride (1987)

Blending fantasy and comedy is a tricky business — just ask David Gordon Green and the guys behind 2011’s heartbreaking stoner spoof “Your Highness” — but director Rob Reiner and writer-screenwriter William Goldman have nailed it in this feisty, sharp-tongued and Really made it smooth funny story. His talent is to take the fantasy elements completely seriously – the costumes are ornate, the special effects never seem goofy and the world of the film is utterly convincing, allowing the humor to shine through.

Magic moment: ‘My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!’ Enough said.

1. The Secret of NIMH (1982): List Of Hollywood Fantasy Films

An animated version of the book ‘Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nim’, is a children’s fantasy with a big dirty heart. It tells of Mrs. Frisby, a field, widow and mother trying to care for her young children, one of whom is very ill, in the face of threats from humans and a race of souped-up, intelligent mice. Its sense of magic and danger is heightened by the story sitting on the bedrock of grief. It also features the least cuddly, most terrifyingly wise old owl you can imagine.

Magic moment: When we learn how to hide, super-smart rats get their powers.

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