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List of Cricket World Cup Winners since 1975, Qualification, Trophy, FAQs…

List of Cricket World Cup Winners since 1975: Cricket World Cup was contested for the first time in England in 1975. It was played as a series of one-day matches of 60 overs per side. It was held outside England, in India and Pakistan, for the first time in 1987. The 1987 contest also saw the number of overs per side reduced to 50. In 2007 Australia became the first team to win three consecutive World Cup tournaments. There are 12 World Cup tournaments being held to date.

Australia is the most successful country which won 5 World Cups. India & West Indies are the only two countries which have won the world cup 2 times each. India won the World Cup in 1983 and 2011, while West Indies won in 1975 and 1979. The last world Cup held in 2019 was won by England. list of cricket world cup winners from 1975 to 2019

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क्रिकेट विश्व कप पहली बार 1975 में इंग्लैंड में लड़ा गया था। इसे प्रति पक्ष 60 ओवरों के एक दिवसीय मैचों की एक श्रृंखला के रूप में खेला गया था। यह 1987 में पहली बार इंग्लैंड के बाहर, भारत और पाकिस्तान में आयोजित किया गया था। 1987 की प्रतियोगिता में भी प्रति पक्ष ओवरों की संख्या घटकर 50 हो गई। 2007 में ऑस्ट्रेलिया लगातार तीन विश्व कप टूर्नामेंट जीतने वाली पहली टीम बन गई। अब तक 12 विश्व कप टूर्नामेंट हो रहे हैं। ऑस्ट्रेलिया सबसे सफल देश है जिसने 5 विश्व कप जीते हैं। भारत और वेस्टइंडीज ही ऐसे दो देश हैं जिन्होंने 2-2 बार विश्व कप जीता है। भारत ने 1983 और 2011 में विश्व कप जीता था, जबकि वेस्टइंडीज ने 1975 और 1979 में जीता था। 2019 में आयोजित पिछला विश्व कप इंग्लैंड ने जीता था।

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Cricket World Cup Winners List

Here is the list of Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup winners from 1975 to 2021 with winners, runner-ups, host country, total scores and final result for One Day International (ODI).

1975EnglandWest IndiesAustraliaWest Indies won by 17 runs
1979EnglandWest IndiesEnglandWest Indies won by 92 runs
1983EnglandIndiaWest IndiesIndia won by 43 runs
1987India & PakistanAustraliaEnglandAustralia won by 7 runs
1992Australia and New ZealandPakistanEnglandPakistan won by 22 runs
1996Pakistan & IndiaSri LankaAustraliaSri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1999EnglandAustraliaPakistanAustralia won by 8 wickets
2003South AfricaAustraliaIndiaAustralia won by 125 runs
2007West IndiesAustraliaSri LankaAustralia won by 53 runs
2011India & BangladeshIndiaSri LankaIndia won by 6 wickets
2015Australia and New ZealandAustraliaNew ZealandAustralia won by 7 wickets
2019England and WalesEnglandNew ZealandMatch tied after regular play and super over; England won on boundary count
List of Cricket World Cup Winners since 1975
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List of Cricket World Cup Winners since 1975

Cricket World Cup Winners List: Results by Country

Australia is the most successful team in the ICC ODI World Cup which has won the World Cup 5 times and finished as the runner-up 2 times. After Australia, India and West Indies won the Worl Cup title 2 times. The last ICC ODI Men World Cup 2019 was held in England and Wales and this world cup was won by the hosting country England for the first time. Here is the list of ODI Cricket World Cup winners country-wise.

TeamFinal AppearancesWinnersRunnersYears wonYears Runners
Australia7521987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 20151975, 1996
England41320191979, 1987, 1992
India3211983, 20112003
New Zealand 1012015
Sri Lanka31219962007, 2011
West Indies3211975, 19791983
Cricket World Cup Winners List: Results by Country

6 Interesting Facts about Cricket World Cup

  • The World Cup 2015 had two different opening ceremonies, which makes it distinctive from its other seasons. One took place at Christchurch’s North Hagley Park in New Zealand and the other at Melbourne, Australia. Now the good news is that the prize money for this year’s tournament has been increased by 20%.
  • England is the only country that has hosted the highest number of World Cup tournaments – 4 times, followed by the Sub-continent – 2 times.
  • Indian player Chetan Sharma also known as the World Cup hat-trick man is the first person to clean bowled three batsmen, including Ken Rutherford, Ian Smith and Ewen Chatfield of New Zealand in 1987, off consecutive balls.
  • Clive Lloyd of West Indies and Ricky Ponting of Australia are the only captains to win the trophy twice. Lloyd clinched the cup in 1975 and 1979 while the legendary Australian batsman won in 2003 and 2007.
  • Kepler Wessels is the first player to represent two countries in ODI history. He played for Australia from 1982 to 1985, before representing South Africa in 1991. Despite local outrage, Wessels was controversially named as South Africa’s captain for the 1992 World Cup.
  • The coin had to be tossed twice at the 2011 World Cup final. When the coin went up for the first time, match referee Jeff Crowe could not hear the call from Kumar Sangakkara. The coin came down as heads and Sangakkara reckoned he called the right side of the coin and was about to say that his side would bat first. However, MS Dhoni said that he heard a call of ‘tails’ from Sangakkara. Crowe then said that the coin would go up once more.
List of Cricket World Cup Winners since 1975
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Qualification for Cricket World Cup

The Test-playing nations qualify automatically for the World Cup main event, while the other teams have to qualify through a series of preliminary qualifying tournaments. The One Day International playing nations automatically enter the final qualification tournament, the World Cup Qualifier, along with other nations who have qualified through separate competitions.

Qualifying tournaments were introduced for the second World Cup, where two of the eight places in the finals were awarded to the leading teams in the ICC Trophy. The number of teams selected through the ICC Trophy has varied throughout the years; currently, six teams are selected for the Cricket World Cup. The World Cricket League (administered by the International Cricket Council) is the qualification system provided to allow the Associate and Affiliate members of the ICC more opportunities to qualify. The name “ICC Trophy” has been changed to “ICC World Cup Qualifier”.

Selection of hosts

The International Cricket Council’s executive committee votes for the hosts of the tournament after examining the bids made by the nations keen to hold a Cricket World Cup.

England hosted the first three competitions. The ICC decided that England should host the first tournament because it was ready to devote the resources required to organising the inaugural event. India volunteered to host the third Cricket World Cup, but most ICC members believed England to be a more suitable venue because the longer period of daylight in England in June meant that a match could be completed in one day. The 1987 Cricket World Cup was the first hosted outside England, held in Pakistan and India.

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The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy is presented to the winners of the World Cup finals. The current trophy was created for the 1999 championships, and was the first permanent prize in the tournament’s history; prior to this, different trophies were made for each World Cup. The trophy was designed and produced in London by a team of craftsmen from Garrard & Co over a period of two months.

The current trophy is made from silver and gold and features a golden globe held up by three silver columns. The columns, shaped as stumps and bails, represent the three fundamental aspects of cricket: batting, bowling and fielding, while the globe characterises a cricket ball. The trophy is designed with platonic dimensions so that it can be easily recognised from any angle. It stands 60 cm high and weighs approximately 11 kilograms. The names of the previous winners are engraved on the base of the trophy, with space for a total of twenty inscriptions.

The original trophy is kept by the ICC. A replica, which differs only in the inscriptions, is permanently awarded to the winning team.

List of Cricket World Cup Winners since 1975

FAQs on List of Cricket World Cup Winners since 1975

Who won most World Cup cricket?

Australia has won the tournament five times, India and West Indies twice each, while Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England have won it once each.

Is Cricket World Cup every 4 years?

Cricket World Cup, an international cricket championship held at four-year intervals is the premier contest in one-day cricket and one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.

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How many types of World Cups are there in cricket?

The 50-over format has developed in more recent years with the ICC also organising the Champions Trophy for the top eight ranked teams, the ICC Women’s World Cup every four years and the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup every two years. Twenty20 Internationals are the newest, shortest and fastest form of the game.

How many times did India win the World Cup?

The Indian cricket team are two times World Champions. In addition to winning the 1983 Cricket World Cup, they triumphed over Sri Lanka in the 2011 Cricket World Cup on home soil. They were also runners-up at the 2003 Cricket World Cup, and semifinalists four times(1987, 1996, 2015, 2019). list of cricket odi world cup winners since 1975

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