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List Of Collective Nouns

List Of Collective Nouns, A Pack Of Collective Nouns, Collective Nouns Examples

List Of Collective Nouns: A collective noun is a naming word usually used to refer to a group or number of animals, people or things. One thing you should always remember when you use collective nouns in sentences is to use the right form of the verb. Definite words that identify more than one person, place or thing have to be made plural in the English language, but that is not always the case.

Collective Noun Definition

The Collins Dictionary defines collective nouns as “a noun such as ‘family’ or ‘team’ that refers to a group of people or things”. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a collective noun is a noun such as ‘team’ or ‘flock’ that refers to a group of people or things.

Here are some examples of collective nouns.

Collective Nouns for Animals

  • The collective noun for bees – Swarm
  • The collective noun for fish – Shoal or School
  • Collective noun for sheep – Herd
  • The collective noun for ships – Fleet
  • The collective noun for birds – Flock
  • Collective noun for lions – Pride
  • The collective noun for wolves – Pack
  • The collective noun for ants – Colony

Collective Nouns for People

  • The collective noun for actors – Troupe, Company or Cast
  • The collective noun for soldiers – Army
  • Collective noun for musicians – Band
  • The collective noun for warriors – Troop
  • Collective noun for directors – Board
  • The collective noun for sailors – Crew
  • Collective noun for singers – Choir
  • The collective noun for dancers – Group
  • The collective noun for thieves – Pack
  • Collective noun for players – Team
  • The collective noun for delegates – Delegation
  • The collective noun for judges – Panel or Bench

Collective Nouns for Objects/Things

  • The collective noun for cards – Deck/Pack
  • The collective noun for cigarettes – Packet
  • Collective noun for mountains – Range
  • The collective noun for apples – Bushel
  • The collective noun for bananas – Comb
  • Collective noun for grapes – Bunch
  • The collective noun for flowers – Bunch or Bouquet
  • The collective noun for trees – Grove or Forest
List Of Collective Nouns

(List Of Collective Nouns) Collective Noun Examples Used in Sentences (English-Hindi)

  • English: Tommy was excited to see a herd of elephants on the way to his native place.
  • Hindi: टॉमी अपने पैतृक स्थान के रास्ते में हाथियों के झुंड को देखकर उत्साहित था।
    English: The bench of judges gave the verdict on the case.
  • Hindi: जजों की बेंच ने मामले पर फैसला सुनाया।
  • English: The kid enjoyed seeing the flock of pigeons take off all at once.
  • Hindi: कबूतरों के झुंड को एक साथ उड़ते देख बच्चे को बहुत अच्छा लगा।
  • English: The football team was congratulated by the principal.
  • Hindi: प्राचार्य ने फुटबॉल टीम को बधाई दी।
  • English: The mob was getting crazier with time.
  • Hindi: समय के साथ भीड़ पागल होती जा रही थी।
  • English: The event started with the band playing the school anthem.
  • Hindi: कार्यक्रम की शुरुआत बैंड ने स्कूल एंथम बजाकर की।
  • English: The children learnt how to perform a magic trick with a pack of cards pretty soon.
  • Hindi: बच्चों ने बहुत जल्द ताश के पत्तों के साथ जादू की चाल करना सीख लिया।
  • English: The British army was defeated in World War II.
  • Hindi: द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध में ब्रिटिश सेना की हार हुई थी।

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Common Group Names

Group Name “Herd”

  • A herd of antelope
  • A herd of boar
  • Buffaloes (A herd of buffaloes)
  • A herd of caribou
  • A herd of cattle
  • Chamois (A herd of chamois)
  • A herd of chinchillas
  • A herd of cows
  • Cranes (A herd of cranes)
  • A herd of deer
  • A herd of donkeys
  • Elephants (A herd of elephants)
  • A herd of elk
  • A herd of fairies
  • Giraffes (A herd of giraffes)
  • A herd of gnus
  • A herd of goats
  • Horses (A herd of horses)
  • A herd of llamas
  • A herd of moose
  • Oxen (A herd of oxen)
  • A herd of pigs
  • A herd of ponies
  • Sea horses (A herd of sea horses)
  • A herd of seals
  • A herd of swans
  • Swine (A herd of swine)
  • A herd of walruses
  • A herd of whales
  • Wolves (A herd of wolves)
  • A herd of wrens
  • A herd of yaks
  • Zebras (A herd of zebras)
List Of Collective Nouns

Group Name “Pack”

  • A pack of bears (polar bears)
  • A pack of coyotes
  • Dogs (A pack of dogs)
  • A pack of grouse
  • A pack of gulls
  • Hounds (A pack of hounds)
  • A pack of mongooses
  • A pack of mules
  • Rats (A pack of rats)
  • A pack of sharks
  • A pack of stoats
  • Weasels (A pack of weasels)
  • A pack of wolves

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Group Name “Flock”

  • A flock of birds
  • A flock of bustards
  • Camels (A flock of camels)
  • A flock of chickens
  • A flock of ducks
  • Geese (A flock of geese)
  • A flock of goats
  • A flock of parrots
  • Pigeons (A flock of pigeons)
  • A flock of seagulls
  • A flock of sheep
  • Swifts (A flock of swifts)
  • A flock of tourists
  • A flock of turkeys

Group Name “Swarm”

  • A swarm of ants
  • A swarm of bees
  • Butterflies (A swarm of butterflies)
  • A swarm of eels
  • A swarm of flies
  • Gnats (A swarm of gnats)
  • A swarm of insects
  • A swarm of rats

Group Name “Group”

  • A group of guinea pigs
  • A group of islands
  • People (A group of people)
  • A group of dancers
  • A group of engineers

Group Name “Crowd”

  • A crowd of onlookers
  • A crowd of people

Group Name “Gang”

  • A gang of hoodlums
  • Labourers (A gang of labourers)
  • A gang of slaves
  • Thieves (A gang of thieves)
  • A gang of criminals
  • A gang of crooks
  • Hoodlums (A gang of hoodlums)
  • A gang of prisoners

Group Name “Mob”

  • A mob of emus
  • A mob of kangaroos
  • Meerkats (A mob of meerkats)
  • A mob of thieves
  • A mob of sheep
  • Kangaroos.
  • A mob of rioters
List Of Collective Nouns
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Group Name “Staff”

  • A staff of employees
  • Servants. (A staff of servants)

Group Name “Crew”

  • A crew of sailors

Group Name “Choir”

  • A choir of angels

Group Name “Orchestra”

  • An orchestra of musicians

Group Name “Panel”

  • A panel of experts

Group Name “Board”

  • A board of directors
  • Trustees (A board of trustees)
  • A board of chess players

Group Name “Troupe”

  • A troupe of monkeys
  • A troupe of shrimp
  • Dancers (A Troupe of dancers)
  • A troupe of minstrels
  • A troupe of performers

Group Name “Bunch”

  • A bunch of seals
  • A bunch of pigeons

Group Name “Pile”

  • A pile of books

Group Name “Heap”

  • A heap of trash

Group Name “Set”

  • A set of bowls
  • A set of utensils

Group Name “Stack”

  • A stack of books

Group Name “Series”

  • A series of events
  • A series of photos

Group Name “Shower”

  • A shower of bastards

Group Name “Fall”

  • A fall of lambs
  • A fall of woodcock
List Of Collective Nouns
List Of Collective Nouns

List of collective nouns for people in English.

  • A circle of friends
  • A class of pupils
  • A horde of savages
  • A host of angels
  • A house of senators
  • A joint of osteopaths
  • A lie/An equivocation of politicians
  • A line of kings/rulers
  • A melody of harpists
  • A mess/An execution of officers
  • A meter of percussionists
  • Morbidity of majors
  • A mug/A reflection of narcissists
  • A multiply/An unhappiness of husbands
  • A mutter of mothers-in-law
  • The wisdom of grandparents
  • A number/A set of mathematicians
  • A pack of Brownies
  • A pack of thieves
  • A pan of reviewers
  • A panel of experts
  • A party of friends
  • A patrol of policemen
  • A peck of Frenchmen
  • A picket of strikers
  • A pint of Irishmen
  • A plush/A rascal of boys
  • A pomposity of professors
  • A posse of police
  • A posse of sheriffs
  • A pound of Englishmen
  • A promise of barmen
  • A prudence of vicars
  • A quiz of teachers
  • A rage of maidens
  • A rash of dermatologists
  • A regiment of soldiers
  • A rookery/A school of clerks
  • A rout of schoolboys
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Some More Collective Nouns For People

  • A sample of salesmen
  • A school of clerks
  • A scolding or seamstresses
  • A scoop/A slant of journalists
  • A sentence of judges
  • A series of radiologists
  • A set/A subtlety of designers
  • A set/A swish of hairdressers
  • A shower of bastards
  • A shower of meteorologists
  • A shrivel of critics
  • A shuffle of bureaucrats
  • A side of dancers
  • A simplicity of subalterns
  • The poverty of pipers
  • A slate of candidates
  • A slither of gossip columnists
  • A slouch of models
  • A sneer of butlers
  • A sprig of vegetarians
  • A squad of beaters
  • A squad of soldiers
  • A squat of daubers
  • A squeal of nieces
  • A staff of employees
  • A staff of servants
  • A stalk of foresters
  • A subtlety of sergeants at law
  • A superfluity of nuns
  • A tabernacle of bakers
  • A talent of gamblers
  • A tantrum of decorators
  • A staff of teachers
  • A team of athletes
  • A team of players
  • A thought of barons
  • A tribe of Indians
  • A tribe of natives
  • A trip of hippies
  • A troop of boy scouts
  • A troupe of acrobats
  • A troupe of artistes
  • A wandering of tinkers
  • A wheeze of joggers
  • A worship of writers
  • An absence/An order of waiters
  • An alley/A pratfall of clowns
  • A brace/A wince of dentists
  • An amalgamation of metallurgists
  • An amble of walkers
  • An ambush of widows
  • An army of soldiers
  • A roll of drummers
  • An attitude/A grunt of teenagers
  • An audience of listeners
  • The eloquence of lawyers
  • An embarrassment /A persistence of parents
  • An entrance of actresses
  • An expectation of heirs
  • An expectation of midwives
  • An obscurity/A rhyme of poets
  • An illusion of magicians
  • An impatience of wives
  • An imposition of in-laws
  • An obeisance of servants
  • An observance of hermits
  • An obstruction of dons

In Short

In short, we can say, Collective nouns are words that are used to denote a group of people, animals or things.

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